Royal Winter Fair 2016
Mud slide & emory Anton
Medium Pony Hunter Division:
  • 5th, 5th, and 2nd over fences and tied for Reserve Champion 
Northwind Miss Mcvai & Sara Tindale

Large Pony Hunter Division:
  • 5th, 9th over fences, 3rd under saddle

Dalerno & lilly blevins

Junior Working Hunter Divsion
  • 2nd, 10th over fences, 6th under saddle

Carto Rouge & Kate Blevins

Junor Working Hunter Division
  • ​6th over fences, 4th under saddle

Montreux & Emily Burton

Pony Jumper Divison
  • 3RD, 6TH, AND 7TH

2016 OHJA Year End Results

  • Mud Slide & Emory Anton  - 4th overall medium pony hunter
  • Northwind Miss McVai & Sara Tindale - 8th overall large pony hunter
  • Carto Rouge & Kate Blevins - 7th overall Junior working hunter
  • Dalerno & Lilly Blevins - 8th Overall Junior Working Hunter
  • Storyteller & Rachel Schnurr - 12th overall Combined Working Hunter
  • Montreux & Emily Burton - 10th overall Pony Jumper 
  • Champion Charles & Emily Burton - Overall champion 1m jumper 
  • Cinnamon Girl & Sara Tindale - Overall Reserve Champion 1.10m Jumper
  • Lauren Marcella - 10th overall Rider's Habit Small Pony Medal
  • Emory Anton - Champion overall Rider's Habit Medium Pony Medal 
  • Emory Anton - Overall Champion For Rider's Habit Pony Medal
  • Sara Tindale - 3rd overall Rider's Habit Large Pony Medal
  • Erin Federico - 5th Overall Rider's habit Large Pony Medal
  • Halle Ryan - Champion overall OHJA Medal 

Royal Winter Fair 2015

Mud Slide & Maria Kagoslovkaya

Medium Pony Hunter Division:
  • 3rd, 6th, and 9th Over fences 

Sutherland & Lauren Macmillan

Children's HUnter Division:
  • ​6th and 9th Over Fences

Abundance & NIcole Cullen

Children's HUnter Division:
  • ​2nd Under Saddle

Woodstock & Halle Ryan

Children's Hunter Division:
  • 2nd, 4th, 7th Over Fences
  • 7th Under Saddle 
2015 Results
We would like to congratulate all of our riders on a very successful year of showing!
OHJA Year End Awards
Huge Congratulations to Rachel On Being Named 2105 OHJA Equitation Coach of the Year!
  • Stormy Weather & Elizabeth Parish - 3rd Overall Small Pony Hunter 
  • Mud Slide & Maria Kagolovskaya - 8th Overall Medium Pony Hunter
  • Woodstock & Halle Ryan - Overall Reserve Champion Children's Hunter
  • Abundance & Nicole Cullen - 6th Overall Children's Hunter
  • Sutherland & Lauren MacMillan - 7th Overall Children's Hunter
  • Eclipse & Rachael Cullen - 12th Overall Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunter
  • Emma Kestle - Overall Reserve Champion Children's Equitation
  • Jayden Roth - 6th Overall Children's Equitation
  • Halle Ryan - 9th Overall Children's Equitation 
  • Rachael Cullen - Overall Reserve Champion Rider's Habit Amateur Medal
  • Lauren MacMillan - Overall Reserve Champion Rider's Habit Children's Medal
  • Emma Kestle - 3rd Overall Rider's Habit Children's Medal
  • Halle Ryan - 4th Overall Rider's Habit Children's Medal
  • Alison Macdonald - 10th Overall Rider's Habit Large Pony Medal
  • Maria Kagolovskaya - 6th Overall Rider's Habit Medium Pony Medal